Extra Eby Fam

I love this job!

Princess Sophie and Her Entourage

You've got a smokin' hot wife! Love this one of her...

Addi and Talon's Fam

So, I usually wait until the family has seen all of the photos and picked their favs before I post more, but I couldn't wait with these ones. This little Addi was my little model, it was so cute and funny! I didn't even include her "fabulous" pose ;)

Eby Fam

Teaser for you! Thanks, you guys were great!

Mom and Dad Sommerfeldt

My favorite in-laws :) (they really are the best!)
Quite the scriptorian, really!

Talon and Addi's Fam

Tons of personality in this family. So much fun! More to come...

My Favorite...

HaMmErS Take 2

Such a cute fam, and look at this little heart breaker, those blue eyes are to die for!

ThE HaMmErS!

Here is your little preview! Jeana you are gorgeous, you look so beautiful in EVERY picture, how would that be! What a good looking little fam!

More of Jake's fam...as promised

I'm excited about how these turned out. Such a cute family, so photogenic, and Jake is such a flirt, I love it! Threw in some of the antiqued ones with this bunch, enjoy! ( I know that I usually have them framed, but working on someone elses computer tonight, sorry)