Playing with Texture :)

So, since the move I obviously haven't been too busy with my photography, and miss it like crazy, (can't wait until Thanksgiving to get in some sessions!) but the upside is that I have had more time to mess around with things that I have always wanted to work on. are some new textures that I've been playing around with, let me know what you think!This is the original image, the antiqued version, no textureWarm it up a little with some browns/yellows, add kind of an old crumpled textureThis one gives it a little grungeA little more grunge with some reds
Subtle, I know, but it can really add some interest to images, maybe I'll put up a few more samples with pictures from some different sessions.

When it's your own... tend to take a lot of pictures :) I just love this little boy!
Loves suckers!

My Little Dude and Holiday Sessions in Utah!

More to come, I found the best location here in AZ, so excited! Also, I wanted to let people know that I will be in Utah for Thanksgiving and Christmas if anyone is interested in a session during those times :)